Strategy, commitment and foresight is the root principles that PSH was founded on – it is likewise what drive us today when representing tenants in the achievement of their objectives. This is because PSH takes the time to develop the interpersonal relationships with clients that result in a deeper understanding of their present and future expectations. These concrete links enable us to assist in asset cost control, productivity maximization and the visual promotion of our client’s core demonstrative values. PSH sees the development of long term bonds as the key to success for all parties.

Using advanced technology, PSH is able to analyze our client’s criteria and electronically match and refine it to determine the best possible options for the prospective tenant’s purposes. Whether our clients are seeking additional locations or renegotiating an expiring lease, the data we gather on specific markets is summarized and presented in a user friendly format to back up our recommendations and safeguard the most favorable lease terms are leveraged with optimal results.

Over the years PSH has also developed strong connections with hundreds of reputable landlords who do business in the U. S. and abroad. This allows PSH to facilitate transactions for clients in a prompt and timely fashion anywhere in the world. Further, PSH is always developing new strategies and tools to be used by our clients to make their job easier from consultative planning, build-to-suit design, market and demographic evaluation, true cost of occupancy analysis, project management, property management and lease administration.

Whether entering into a new market or evaluating a continuation of an existing lease, your business’s planned expansion or reformation can trigger issues within municipalities. This is why when working with a PSH expert, not only do we conduct market forecasts, labor analytics and evaluate economic incentives, but we work strategically with our client’s legal teams to evaluate potential hurdles within municipal and local government relative to permitting, zoning as well as identifying any promising tax enticements.

PSH sole purpose is to represent the tenant by getting the best possible deal when it comes to cost, flexibility and functional occupancy. PSH prides itself on being able to respond quickly to changes in client’s needs which may not have been previously foreseen, and proactively facilitate transformations that optimize the net present value of every square inch of real estate.

No company would develop a strategic plan in a vacuum; yet many times tenants try to procure space on their own, without all the facts, ending up in a weak bargaining position as a result. PSH empowers tenants by orchestrating competition and delivering results based on a leveraged strategy, a strong commitment to our client’s values and the foresight to enable unparalleled growth for the future.