PSH has a long history of placing tenants with landlords across the U. S.  This gives PSH the insight to meet the needs of a diverse tenant population.  PSH draws on this in-depth customer knowledge to help landlords develop strategies to attract and satisfy ever changing tenant priorities.

PSH will analyze your real estate portfolio against the latest markets and trend data for each of your holdings.  We will pinpoint strengths and weaknesses using local expertise. Through the use of multiple platforms PSH will develop an ever evolving series of marketing strategies that will address weaknesses that arise and turn them into strengths in real time. This ever vigilant approach prevents stagnation of assets that drain the portfolio of profits.

PSH is committed to helping clients attract the best tenants for properties. We look at factors including, but not limited to, tenant procurement, retention and ability to pay, obtaining maximum rates per square foot, staggering expirations, and making sure that tenant criteria is a good match for the institutional image of the property being marketed.  Compatibility of tenants within a property is a key factor in client retention.

PSH provides landlord and brokerage advisory services which include:

  • Analyzing the status of your real estate holding
  • Developing a positioning strategy based on the analysis
  • Marketing the holding to the target tenant population
  • Negotiating the leasing contract and subsequent renewals
  • Provide ongoing compliance with the contract through the term of the lease

PSH will help landlords achieve profitability goals through lease structuring and valuation, and better budgeting with the goal of stabilizing operating income. Thus, the landlords will have the ability to make real-time decisions with a transparent analyses of individual and combined holdings to maintain overall portfolio cost benefits.