Our project management professionals at PSH have over 30 years of experience in the fields of architectural design, engineering, construction, strategic planning and reporting. Our team is ready to provide oversight of your single or nation portfolio of projects whether it be retail, industrial or office.

PSH uses a set of disciplined methods for determining a property’s current state and future state. We at PSH believe that identifying any potential issues in the preconstruction process incorporates not only the financial analysis of estimating building costs but the human analysis of picking the best possible and most reliable members to be on your team from the general contractor to their subcontractors, architects and financiers. Here at PSH, we are in a position to handle the design, pre-construction, procurement, vendor management, construction activity documentation and dispute resolution. In leveraging the relationships with our partners and conducting effective, lean cost control, PSH is able to provide intermediary service that not only helps reduce budgets but ensures timely completion with honest counsel and meaningful insight.